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We know patients rely on LASIK Reviews from their friends, family, and co-workers when making the decision to have LASIK. Check out TLC LASIK Reviews from our Facebook friends.

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Daryl Rogers
Having clear sight created through LASIK is like magic, so I decided the best way to present my testimonial was by using my magic! You can see the video here:
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Tammy Dubois-Naylor
I've wanted to get lasik done for a while but have just never really been ready to do it. A few months ago my husband's boss had his eyes done at tlc and he had a great experience. I fi...
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Steve Steinke
I recently had my LASIK operation and I am very pleased with the results. It was so fast and I was seeing unbelievably well the very next day. Now my vision seems to be way better than what I had...
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Darlene Wolff Harbick
I had PRK after age 50, and am very pleased with the improvement in my distance vision and with the professionalism of the staff. I was not a candidate for lasik due to a family member's diagn...
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Shannon Seeliger
I really wish I had done this sooner! I have had glasses since first grade and I feel now like I've been given the chance to have something I should have always had...sight! I sometimes still ...
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Lynn Grunst
I had Custom LASIK eye surgery in October 2013. I'm so glad I did. I love not having to deal with glasses and contacts anymore. The procedure was so simple! Dr Probst and his staff at the ...
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Marcia Angeli Opitz
I had LASIK a week ago today at the TLC in Madison, WI. Everything, from the appointment setup, questions about financing, the consultation, procedure to follow up care at the center were stupendou...
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Amy Roehl
I had my procedure done in May 2013 and was really hesitant but researched it quite a bit before deciding to bite the bullet and give 20/20 vision a whirl! Let me tell ya, a WONDERFUL experience! T...
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Andy Hillmann
It's been 3 months since my LASIK surgery and I couldn't be happier! I have now have 20/10 vision. No more glasses or contacts. It was truly an amazing experience. The staff at TLC is ...
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Cara Snyder
I love not having to worry about my glasses fogging up or getting dirty! Or messing with contacts!
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