99% of surveyed TLC LASIK patients would refer others to TLC Laser Eye Centers

Author: TLC Laser Eye Centers

November 1, 2011
TLC LASIK patients have high satisfaction and improved quality of life. The vast majority of the surveyed TLC Laser Eye Centers LASIK patients who had LASIK or other laser vision correction procedures are very satisfied with the LASIK results, and most said that the overall quality of their lives and daily routines have improved, according to the results of a recent TLC LASIK patient study.
TLC Laser Eye Center’s LASIK vision correction study mirrors the recent Harris Interactive Survey commissioned by the Eye Surgery Education Council (ESEC). That survey was the first nationwide quality of life survey assessing life implications for LASIK laser vision correction patients. Both the TLC Laser Eye Centers LASIK ¬†survey and the Harris survey clearly show that LASIK laser vision correction has a profound positive impact on overall quality of life, daily routine, and job performance. However, the TLC Laser Eye Center survey LASIK laser vision correction results outperformed those of Harris in almost all areas, indicating that TLC LASIK patients surveyed reported experiencing the highest quality of LASIK patient care and achieving excellent LASIK laser vision correction results.