Custom LASIK – An advanced level of precision continues the tradition.

Author: TLC Laser Eye Centers

September 1, 2011
The U.S. Navy Study confirmed the benefits available to patients by showing that Custom LASIK patients did not report experiencing night driving halos or glare while conventional LASIK patients reported an increase in halos. Most LASIK patients experienced a satisfactory resolution in halos after three months. TLC Laser Eye Centers offers Custom LASIK in order to continue providing LASIK patients with the best laser vision correction treatment options available. The Custom LASIK procedure addresses and corrects “higher-order” aberrations, which are distortions thought to cause problems such as halos or glare. Using a tool called the wavefront analyzer the Custom LASIK procedure measures the way light passes through your eye. This data is then entered in the laser, resulting in a truly customized procedure.
The U.S. Navy’s findings parallel other studies which show that Custom LASIK may be able to provide you with: greater chance of achieving 20/20 vision, better vision than with glasses or contacts, less incidence of night vision problems. For more information on Custom LASIK visit the “Contact Us” section of this site. TLC Laser Eye Centers would like to share some exciting news – your health care plan may now offer savings when you have LASIK laser vision correction. It may even be a covered benefit under your plan. If you ever thought about laser vision correction, this is a great opportunity to see if it’s right for you.
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