TLC LASIK vision correction clinics use the most recent, proven LASIK technology

Author: TLC Laser Eye Centers

October 1, 2011
TLC Laser Eye Centers use only clinically proven government approved LASIK laser vision correction equipment that is effective in LASIK laser vision correction treatment. TLC Laser Eye Centers has the LASIK experience and laser vision correction knowledge to know which laser is right for your LASIK treatment. The LASIK technology used in the laser vision correction procedure continues to evolve rapidly. As the leader in the LASIK vision correction, TLC Laser Eye Centers has the resources to select the best LASIK equipment and maintain it carefully according to FDA specifications.
The Autonomous Laser system is an excellent alternative for LASIK patients with large pupils and for hyperopic (farsighted) LASIK patients with astigmatism. If the Autonomous laser system isn’t precisely right for your eyes, TLC Laser Eye Centers can turn to other LASIK lasers, using the best ┬álaser for every individual LASIK procedure. State of the art technology means not only new laser vision correction lasers but also includes new laser vision correction programming for existing LASIK lasers, new or refined vision measurement devices, and refinements in LASIK surgical instruments.


TLC Laser Eye Centers believes that getting the best LASIK patient outcomes isn’t the result of simply having the best LASIK equipment – it also requires knowing how to use it. TLC Laser Eye Centers LASIK eye surgeons are rigorously trained beyond government requirements and are required to engage in ongoing clinical education to maintain their high level of expertise.