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My horrible vision all started as a young child. I was a very active boy and I never wanted to wear glasses as they only got in my way, I would lose them or break them on purpose so my mom couldn't make me wear them (sorry mom). I have always been told I had a very strong astigmatism and contacts were not a good option so a now have struggles with glasses for the last 15 years 24/7. So within the last year I have been going back and forth on having refractive surgery done. I Live in Huntington WV a good 3 hours away from any true surgery center other than local doctors that I truly didn't trust with a procedure of this magnitude. Then a family friend recommended TLC as she had her surgery done as in Dublin 5 years ago, without a problem I must add. That same day I called The TLC Center I left my name and number and within a few hours I was talking Jane from the Dublin location. I must add from the first conversation with Jane she made me feel like a friend as she told me she use to live just 30 min away from me. She spoke on a personal level with me not just trying to get all kinds of information. Ok enough of the buildup, I had arranged a same day consult and surgery as I live 3 hours away they made it all work so smooth for me. I arrived at the surgery center Friday around 10 AM, this is where I got to meet Sandy she helped and walked me through all the paper work needed to start my day. Note this is when the surgery idea started getting real and the nervousness was starting to kick in. I am then approached by Jamie she took me back and started all the tests and explained everything as it was going on this little bit of information made me feel pretty comfortable. I then am left in the exam room just taping my foot in anxious/nervousness of what's next then Dr Greiner comes to the rescue. She rechecked everything to insure that the tests were spot on. The next best part of the day she sat down and said what do you want to know, I was shocked and then proceeded to ask 100 questions as she sat there and answered every single one of them well informed of every outcome this is when I lost all worries about the procedure and was just ready to have it done. At this point I'm also greeted by Dr. Doyle, this put the entire day on a one on one basis with me, as I'm a people person I enjoy meeting and talking to everyone especially on a day like this. I then went back out and sat with my grandmother as everyone made her feel so welcomed as she was just as nervous for me. We waited for about another 30 min and it was time. They invited my grandmother back with me and I didn't get the ladies name(Sorry) that was doing the drops but she was just as nice as the rest of the staff. Jane walks out and says Johnnie its time. I walked into the surgery room lay down they tell you step by step what to do and what to expect , I just do the best I can to cooperate Jane at this point placed her hand on my shoulder to just let me know it was all going to be ok and no joke 10 to 15 minutes later i was walking out. I went and sat in the exam room to be checked on by Jane Dr. Greiner, and Dr. Doyle and all went wonderful, as smooth as it could they told me. Went home slept for about 4 hours to then get a call from Dr. Doyle herself just checking on me, what gets better then a Dr checking on you. I no joke could see almost flawless just 6 hours after the surgery it was amazing. The next day I had my post op at the surgery center to see Dr. Greiner again to be told I can see 20/20 at this point I think I did a little dance with a loud AWESOME. I know this was a long story of my experiences with the TLC center in Columbus/Dublin Ohio But I really wanted to address how each individual on the staff made my visit and surgery the best thing I have done in life. it has now only been 4 weeks since my surgery and its already been a huge change in my daily activities as I'm still extremely active from Riding motorcycles to target shooting at the range. I honestly cannot thank everyone at the TLC center enough for the warm welcomes and comforting me through such a procedure, and I hope you all liked the card.

Thank you
Johnnie Trey Jones
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