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What is KAMRA™ Inlay?

What is KAMRA™ Inlay?

 Are you tired of reaching for your reading glasses every time you need to read fine print, or browse the news in your favorite smartphone app? Presbyopia, often referred to as farsightedness, is a natural consequence of aging, and something that everyone begins to experience around age 40. It's also the reason that most people begin to require reading glasses around the same age. While presbyopia can be frustrating, there is now a solution called the KAMRATM inlay.


Ahead, we'll take a closer look at what to expect from KAMRA™ inlay, how it works, and how restoring near vision can also improve quality of life.


Tired of Presbyopia? Ask Your LASIK Specialist about the KAMRA™ Inlay


The KAMRA™ inlay is a small, extremely light implant, designed to address the cause of presbyopia with a sustainable, long-term solution. While the KAMRA™ inlay isn't technically a laser eye surgery procedure, many LASIK centers do offer the procedure as well. Most people begin to notice the effects of presbyopia between age 40 and 50, so that's also the time that many will begin to explore solutions to reading glasses.

  • Just as with LASIK, the procedure for implanting the KAMRA™ inlay only takes about 20 minutes, and it's minimally invasive. Your surgeon will use special eye drops to ensure your comfort during the procedure.
  • The KAMRA™ inlay is an outpatient procedure, which means you get to go home the same day. Just remember to arrange a ride home ahead of time.
  • The KAMRA™ inlay weighs next to nothing, while its size and thickness are less than that of a typical contact lens. Each inlay has thousands of laser-etched openings which help focus light into the center of the inlay as it enters your eye.
  • One big advantage of the KAMRA™ inlay is that it only has to be placed in one eye to get the job done effectively. The inlay is designed to address near vision, but it does so without compromising the distance vision of the eye where the implant is placed.
  • Recovery time following the procedure varies from person to person, but is generally quite brief. Your surgeon will also monitor your recovery, and you'll have a series of follow-up visits to ensure that everything is going to plan.


Presbyopia is inevitable, but losing the sharpness of your near vision doesn't have to be. The KAMRA™ inlay is a safe, effective, proven solution for presbyopia, and it's offered at many LASIK centers. Schedule a free Consultation to speak to your LASIK specialist to learn more about the benefits of the KAMRA™ inlay, and get ready to bid farewell to the frustrations of presbyopia.

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