Custom LASIK- Who Benefits

– TLC Laser Eye Centers

Another benefit of wave-front-guided LASIK or as it is commonly call Custom LASIK, is the very accurate refraction that the aberrometers are producing, and the equally accurate laser ablation profile. This is giving extremely good postoperative vision to our TLC Laser Eye Center patients and over time, we at TLC Laser Eye Centers, believe this will reduce our enhancement rate even further. As we are gaining more knowledge on wave-front-guided LASIK or Custom LASIK,  we at TLC Laser Eye Centers know that LASIK patients with a high percentage of higher-order aberrations will benefit from wave-front-guided, or Custom LASIK procedure. The FDA trials were very clear in their results in that there is a definite reduction in the possibility of glare and haloes, and other associated night vision problems by correcting these higher-order aberrations.

This also seems to be beneficial to LASIK patients with larger pupils, whom we would have thought in the past would be definitely higher risk for glare and haloes at night. Some LASIK surgeons are performing wave-front-guided ablations on all of their LASIK patients while others are very strict on who qualifies for Custom LASIK. At TLC Laser Eye Centers, we like to individualize each patient, evaluate their orbscan, and their wave front results and then make a mutual decision with the patient. The current indication for Custom LASIK treatment is for myopic astigmatism, up to 6.5 diopters sphere and cylinder up to 3 diopters.

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