My Laser Eye Surgery Procedure

Here at TLC Laser Eye Centers, we believe preparation and follow-up care to your laser eye surgery procedure are just as important to a successful LASIK experience as the procedure itself.

To help you feel confident about the entire process, we have gathered some helpful information about each stage of your laser eye surgery procedure.

The Day of Your LASIK Procedure

When the day of your LASIK procedure arrives, it’s natural to feel a mix of anticipation and nervousness. Here are a few things to remember before your LASIK procedure occurs:

  • Sign an informed consent form (some centers may have you do this prior to procedure day)
  • Avoid antihistamines or other drugs that can cause dryness of the eyes. There are no other restrictions on eating, drinking or medications.
  • Wear comfortable clothes, but do not use creams, lotions, eye makeup, perfume, hair spray, or wear earrings.
  • Do not wear your contacts prior to your LASIK procedure. Ask your doctor for more details.
  • Be sure to bring someone to drive you home, or make other arrangements for transportation. You should allow approximately two to four hours for the entire process, including the LASIK procedure itself.
what to expect the day of your LASIK procedure

Prior to your LASIK procedure, your eyelids and lashes will be cleaned. Antibiotic, anti-inflammatory and anesthetic drops will be placed in your eyes. A mild sedative may be given to you, as well, to help you relax.

Once you are prepared for your surgery, you will be escorted to the laser suite for treatment. You will be lying down for the LASIK procedure. Your surgeon will use the information from your extensive pre-operative testing to program your individualized treatment into the laser. A sophisticated computer will monitor and track your eye during your LASIK procedure to most accurately direct the laser. Your LASIK Surgeon will confirm all laser programming, and he or she will operate the laser.

Although most patients say there is no pain during their LASIK procedure, some report feeling mild pressure or vibration.