Presbyopia is a normal part of aging that becomes more apparent as people approach their 40s and 50s. As the human body ages, the lens inside the eye grows like rings on a tree.  It loses its elasticity, and therefore its ability to easily change focus, making it more difficult to read smaller print. Because LASIK and other forms of laser vision correction do not affect the lens of your eye, they cannot correct this problem.

Nearsighted people who become presbyopic may require bifocals in their forties, and those who never needed glasses before may need reading glasses.

Mild myopia counteracts presbyopia, which is why patients who are slightly myopic with presbyopia may still be able to read when they remove their glasses. LASIK surgery can treat myopia, but patients may need reading glasses for fine print to correct their presbyopia.

Your doctor will recommend an individual course of treatment after a thorough examination. The doctors and surgeons at TLC Laser Eye Centers will be happy to discuss the potential outcomes and risks involved in laser vision correction for a patient with your prescription to help you make the most educated decision.

The following laser eye surgery procedures are available to treat presbyopia: