LASIK Technology

LASIK Eye Surgery Technology to Meet Your Needs

TLC understands how valuable your sight is to you, and that is why we keep our sights set on providing FDA-approved advanced technologies for our patients.

At TLC, we believe that by combining over 30 years of experience and the latest advanced LASIK technology we can provide our patients with a high standard of care, peace of mind and great vision results.

TLC offers a range of solutions for your vision to give you a truly personalized experience.   At TLC, we will discuss your lifestyle and vision goals to determine which laser eye procedure will help you see your best.

After we’ve established that you are a good candidate for laser vision correction, a doctor at TLC will review your treatment options and make recommendation.

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Your LASIK Procedure Options

LASIK, a corneal reshaping surgical procedure, corrects vision by directing light onto the retina. The procedure involves creating a precise corneal flap with a laser, followed by sculpting the corneal tissue to address refractive errors.

Most TLC patients have the Custom Bladeless LASIK procedure. In the Bladeless LASIK procedure, the flap of the corneal tissue is created by using a computer-controlled laser. This laser allows for customization of the flap and accounts for the natural curvature of the cornea, creating a flap of uniform thickness. The bladeless LASIK technology eliminates the need for a hand-held microkeratome blade, create an ‘all laser’ procedure.

The Wavelight LASIK Laser

Wavelight lasers mark a leap forward in LASIK technology, employing wavefront-optimized technology. Unlike traditional LASIK, which focused on basic vision aspects, wavefront-optimized treatments aim to preserve corneal asphericity, reducing higher-order aberrations. This innovation enhances visual outcomes and minimizes visual symptoms after surgery

The Contoura Vision System

A procedure called Contoura Vision is also available at TLC. Developed by Alcon, the Contoura Vision system takes personalization to new heights. Contoura Vision is a topography-guided LASIK treatment designed to provide surgeons the ability to perform a more personalized laser procedure. Contoura Vision is suitable for people with nearsightedness with or without astigmatism. By integrating corneal topography and wavefront-guided technology, it creates a detailed 3D map of the eye. This precision enables the laser not only to correct refractive errors but also to address subtle corneal irregularities, resulting in improved visual outcomes, especially in challenging conditions.

For some people, a procedure called PRK may be a better option. Unlike LASIK, your surgeon doesn’t create a flap of corneal tissue. PRK eye surgery is our second most common procedure with long term visual results that are similar to LASIK eye surgery.

LASIK Technology

Understanding the Best Technology For you

At TLC, our patient philosophy is to focus on your safety, comfort and overall vision results.  We are dedicated to making your experience at our centers enjoyable and our goal is to maximize your vision potential.  Understanding if you are a good candidate for a vision correction procedure requires a consultation at TLC Laser Eye Center.  This appointment is free of charge.

The staff and doctors at TLC are there for you every step of the way. From the minute you walk through our doors our warm, friendly staff is committed to answering all of your questions and keeping you informed.