LASIK Eye Surgery

Discover LASIK surgery and the various laser eye surgery procedures available to you at TLC Laser Eye Centers.

What is LASIK (Laser Eye Surgery)?

LASIK eye surgery achieves remarkable patient satisfaction rates, surpassing 96 percent, placing it among the top-performing elective procedures in terms of patient satisfaction. Also referred to as refractive surgery or laser vision correction, LASIK stands for Laser-Assisted-In-Situ Keratomileusis.It is known for successfully improving vision problems such as:


LASIK, or Laser-Assisted-In-Situ Keratomileusis, is a refractive surgery procedure, often referred to as laser vision correction. It ranks as the most performed elective surgery to correct refractive errors in North America. LASIK is designed to address a range of vision problems, including nearsightedness (myopia), farsightedness (hyperopia), and astigmatism.

During a LASIK procedure, ophthalmologists, specialized medical doctors, follow a series of steps to  change the shape of the front of the eye. Initially, they administer anesthetic eye drops to ensure your comfort. Subsequently, they create a thin protective corneal flap to access the inner corneal tissue. Then, computer-controlled laser pulses reshape the inner corneal layer to correct your vision prescription. Precise correction is maintained using an eye-tracking device. Finally, the flap is carefully repositioned, and shields are placed over your eyes to aid in natural healing.

LASIK offers various forms to suit individual needs. Bladeless LASIK, for example, eliminates the use of blades and relies on a laser to create the corneal flap, offering a more personalized approach. Custom LASIK takes personalization further by utilizing Wavefront Technology to analyze your eye’s unique visual characteristics, tailoring the correction to your specific needs. Topography-Guided LASIK, including advancements like Contoura® Vision, utilizes advanced technology for an enhanced LASIK experience. These LASIK procedures increase the likelihood of achieving optimal vision, reduce visual disturbances, and potentially surpass results obtained with glasses or contacts.

In summary, LASIK is a sought-after solution for correcting vision problems like myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism. With advancements such as bladeless LASIK, Custom LASIK, and Topography-Guided LASIK, patients have access to personalized treatments that aim to optimize their potential for improved vision while minimizing potential visual disturbances. For personalized LASIK guidance based on your prescription, healing profile, and expectations, consult with an experienced ophthalmologist.

How LASIK Works?

The LASIK procedure is performed by ophthalmologists, medical doctors who specialize in surgical treatments of the eye.  Here is a general outline of the procedure:

  1. Anesthetic eye drops are applied to the eye.
  2. The LASIK surgeon creates a protective flap to access the inner corneal tissue. Your vision temporarily dims and blurs during this phase.
  3. Computer-controlled laser light reshapes the inner corneal layer to improve or eliminate your prescription. An eye-tracking device ensures precision.
  4. The surgeon repositions and aligns the flap to its original position, and protective shields are placed over your eye to aid natural healing.
  5. After LASIK, you may experience moderate discomfort and irritation for a few hours, but most patients are comfortable after a 2-4 hour rest.

After the LASIK eye surgery procedure, patients feel moderate discomfort and irritation for a few hours, but most are comfortable after a nap and rest.

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Types of LASIK

Everyone’s eyes are different. A pre-procedure consultation with your doctor will help determine the right type of laser eye surgery for you.

Bladeless LASIK

Your eyes are too important to trust with just anyone. That is why bladeless LASIK is available at all of our centers.

Trust your eyes to the best—bladeless LASIK is available at all our centers. Bladeless LASIK uses a laser to create the corneal flap, providing personalized treatment for each patient. This method eliminates the use of blades in laser eye surgery.

Your TLC surgeons now offer customization for you in all parts of the LASIK procedure:

  • Custom diagnosis (before the procedure)
  • Custom corneal flap (Bladeless LASIK)
  • Custom vision treatment (Wavefront guided LASIK)

Custom LASIK

LASIK is an excellent choice for many patients. Custom LASIK is a laser vision correction procedure that helps your LASIK surgeon further customize the correction to your individual eyes. LASIK surgeons are able to focus on the quantity as well as the quality of your vision. Custom LASIK may result in vision clearer and sharper than ever before.

Custom LASIK uses Wavefront Technology to measure the way light travels through your eye. This technology performs a detailed analysis of your eye that examines the entire optical system. The instrument used provides information about the unique visual characteristics of your eye, allowing for an additional level of data about your vision.  This, in turn, enables your TLC LASIK surgeon to further customize your vision correction. The data is used to guide the laser during your Custom LASIK laser vision correction procedure for optimal results.

Custom LASIK is necessary for some patients and desirable for many. Everyone’s eyes are different. A pre-procedure consultation with your doctor will help determine if Custom LASIK is right for you based on your particular prescription, healing profile and expectations.

Compared to other forms of laser vision correction, Custom LASIK has been shown or is believed to provide patients with:

  • A greater chance of achieving 20/20 vision1
  • The potential, in certain cases, for better vision than possible with contacts or glasses
  • Less incidence of glare, halos and night vision disturbances2

Topography-Guided LASIK

Topography-Guided LASIK represents the latest advancement in LASIK technology, with options like Contoura® Vision. Elevate your LASIK experience with this advanced technology.

Like any surgery, a LASIK has risks and potential complications that are discussed during a surgical consultation prior to the procedure. For personalized LASIK solution tailored to your unique prescription, and expectations, schedule a Free LASIK consultation with your trusted LASIK expert today!

Modern LASIK

Modern LASIK Eye Surgery, is an advanced refractive surgery is a combination of Custom and Bladeless LASIK that utilizes cutting-edge diagnostic tools and femtosecond laser technology to precisely reshape the cornea, correcting various vision issues such as nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. This highly customizable and bladeless procedure aims to provide patients with rapid recovery, enhanced safety, and long-lasting improvements in vision, often eliminating the need for glasses or contact lenses.


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