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Seamless LASIK Experience: Enjoy Convenient Travel Support from TLC Laser Eye Centers

Are you ready to bid farewell to glasses and contacts and embrace better vision? At TLC Laser Eye Centers, we understand that distance shouldn’t stand in the way of your journey to better eyesight. That’s why we offer seamless travel support for patients traveling from afar, ensuring your LASIK experience is as convenient and stress-free as possible.

Get LASIK in Just 1 Day with Convenient Travel Support from TLC Laser Eye Centers

If your home is more than 75 miles away from our center, rest assured knowing we’ve got your travel needs covered. Say goodbye to the hassle of making arrangements post-surgery – we provide a complimentary one-night hotel stay and transportation after your LASIK procedure*.

LASIK travel support

TLC Laser Eye Centers’ Advantage:

Streamlined Process: With TLC Laser Eye Centers, you can achieve better vision in just one day, regardless of your location.

Here’s how our convenient process unfolds:

Virtual Consultation

Kickstart your LASIK journey with a quick 10-15 minute virtual consultation. Our team members are here to address all your queries and concerns, paving the way for your in-person evaluation and personalized treatment plan.

Virtual Consult

In-Person Evaluation

Arrive for your comprehensive in-person exam in the morning and let our experts assess your candidacy for LASIK. Following the evaluation, indulge in a relaxing lunch as you gear up for your transformative journey ahead.


LASIK Treatment

Experience the magic of LASIK in the afternoon as our skilled surgeons tailor and perform your procedure with precision. Bid farewell to glasses and contacts as you revel in the immediate improvement in your vision.


Complimentary Transportation

After your procedure, unwind and recuperate in comfort with our complimentary transportation service via Uber or Lyft to one of our partner hotels*.

Post-Op Care

Your journey doesn’t end with the procedure – return the next day for your post-op appointment to ensure your healing progress is on track. Our dedicated surgeons will be with you every step of the way, ensuring optimal results and a seamless recovery.


Experience the Freedom of Clear Vision:

Don’t let distance hinder your quest for impeccable eyesight. With TLC Laser Eye Centers’ convenient travel support, achieving visual freedom has never been easier.

Schedule your consultation today and embark on a journey to clearer, brighter tomorrows.

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*We’ll discount your treatment by $200 to cover one night’s stay at a partner hotel and one roundtrip via Uber or Lyft to our center.