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Educational Resources

The resources below are meant to provide you with additional, independent educational information about laser eye surgery. The more informed you are about LASIK, including FDA-approved lasers, the procedure, recovery time and potential risks, the less you have to worry about surprises throughout your journey towards vision correction.

Alcon Patient Information Book – Informational book from our laser manufacturer, Alcon, with details about their laser technology including its use in laser vision correction procedures.

National Eye Institute (NEI) – The NEI is part of the federal government’s National Institute of Health (NIH) and they condust research that helps treat, and prevent, eye diseases and a variety of vision disorders.

National Library of Medicine (NLM) – A trusted source for health information from the National Institute of Health.

US Food and Drug Administration – Learn about FDA-approved lasers, LASIK procedure details and LASIK FAQs.