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Am I Too Old for LASIK?

March 10, 2017 - TLC Laser Eye Centers

One of the most common questions about LASIK eye surgery is whether the procedure can be considered for older people, and the good news is that the key points of LASIK candidacy are the same for seniors as they are for anyone else. If you have a stable vision prescription, healthy eyes, and are in good overall health, then you may be a good candidate for LASIK eye surgery. However, it is true that our eyes and visual needs change quite a bit throughout our lives, so there are a few special considerations to deliberate when thinking about laser eye surgery later in life.

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Why There’s No Upper Age Limit on LASIK


The only real age limit for a LASIK procedure, per the FDA, is that each surgical candidate should be at least 18 years of age. Our eyes and corresponding prescription requirements may change frequently at that age, and it’s important to wait until that tendency to change stabilizes before having laser eye surgery. There are a few other developmental milestones in life that often motivate people to consider laser eye surgery, beginning in early adulthood.


  • The most common range for LASIK patients is between 20 and 45 years old. Vision prescriptions often stabilize in the mid-twenties, so this is a natural time for people to consider LASIK eye surgery.
  • Next up is the 45 to 55-year age range, the time when many people begin to feel the early effects of presbyopia, which is related to the natural aging process and causes difficulty with near vision. While LASIK may be a treatment option for some presbyopia patients, we certainly have more vision correction technologies to offer our presbyopic patients, such as Monovision.
  • Beyond age 55, cataracts may start to develop even though they may not affect your vision at early stages. When cataract is determined to be the main reason for changes in your vision, cataract extraction surgery becomes the preferred method of treatment to improve your vision instead of LASIK eye surgery.


The basics for LASIK candidacy include a stable vision prescription for at least one year, no eye diseases, and good overall health. If you’ve got those things, then you’re off to an excellent start.


It’s important to note that good overall health doesn’t have to mean perfect health. Not every potential health issue for seniors impacts the eyes, and speaking with a LASIK specialist is the best way to learn how laser eye surgery fits in with various health needs.


Regardless of your age, are you curious whether LASIK eye surgery is the right fit for your vision health needs? The easiest way to find out is to schedule a free consultation with TLC LASIK specialist, where you can determine if you’re a candidate and learn more about what laser eye surgery can do for you.