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Summer Vacation Freedom with LASIK Eye Surgery

July 14, 2016 - TLC Laser Eye Centers

Planning a big vacation this summer? No matter your destination, there’s nothing like seeing the sights with clearer vision of LASIK eye surgery. And it’s not just about the big details that you can see. There are plenty of pleasant, little surprises waiting for you after laser eye surgery, and those little things can ultimately make a big difference in your enjoyment of your next vacation. So let’s take a closer look at some of the many ways that the benefits of laser eye surgery can make traveling a more enjoyable experience than ever.

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Enjoy the Freedom of LASIK and Travel in Style This Summer

  • Forget Me Not – For most of us, forgetting some small, semi-important item is practically a traveling tradition. When it’s just a phone charger or toothbrush, you can simply stop at the nearest convenience store and find a replacement in a matter of minutes. Forgetting to pack your glasses, contacts, or prescription sunglasses, however, can really throw a wrench in your travel plans. With clearer vision from laser eye surgery, less reliance on glasses and contacts also means one less thing to forget to pack on your trip.
  • Worry-Free Swimming – Travel and swimming go hand-in-hand, whether you’re cooling off in the hotel pool, snorkeling in the warm waters of a tropical destination, or enjoying your favorite theme park water-slides with your kids. Wearing contacts while swimming is strongly discouraged, and glasses tend to fare quite poorly at the beach. With LASIK eye surgery, you have the freedom to swim in style and comfort.
  • Taking in the Sights – There’s no doubt that less reliance on glasses and contacts makes travel more comfortable, but clearer vision from LASIK eye surgery also allows you to take in your favorite destinations in vivid detail. If you love traveling to historic destinations, nature hot-spots, or major sporting events, those small, exciting details often become memories that last a lifetime.
  • Under the Stars – If your ideal vacation destination is more four-wheel-drive than four-star-hotel, the last thing you want to worry about is your glasses or contacts while camping. LASIK gives you the freedom to enjoy your next hike, camping trip, or far flung night under the stars, stress-free.


There are so many ways that LASIK eye surgery can improve your travel experience, and summer is just the beginning. Snow-covered slopes, secluded mountain cabins, and vivid, colorful foliage all look even better with the benefits of clearer vision, too. Schedule your free laser eye surgery consultation today at a location near you, and get ready to enjoy your favorite sights (and surprises!) like never before.