The Most Experienced LASIK Team in DC

With a combined total of more than 160,000 LASIK procedures completed and over three decades of serving the DC community, Dr. Ryan Roberts and Dr. Neil Wills stand as two of the most seasoned LASIK surgeons in Washington DC. Their collaboration extends beyond their individual practices, as they continually exchange insights and outcomes within the network, striving to expand the pool of safe candidates for Modern LASIK.

Dr. Ryan Roberts

Together, Drs. Roberts and Wills cater to patients in Alexandria, Tyson’s Corner and Vienna offering their expertise and experience. Ryan L. Roberts, M.D., is a dedicated comprehensive ophthalmologist who has been serving the refractive surgery community in Maryland and Virginia since 2015, alongside providing care to the US Military family and service members since 2004. He earned his medical degree in 2008 from the Uniformed University of the Health Sciences.

Dr. Roberts brings a unique background with a double undergraduate major in Biology and Computer Science, fostering a keen interest in addressing human error within the medical field. He firmly believes in the transformative power of technology to instill confidence in both patients and physicians, ensuring procedures are executed with unparalleled accuracy and precision. Driven by this conviction, he pioneered the development of a groundbreaking digital verification tool, implemented for the first time at Walter Reed Army Medical Center. Recognized as an authority in his field, Dr. Roberts has delivered numerous lectures at prestigious events such as the Military Refractive Surgery Safety Symposium and the American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery. Currently, Dr. Roberts performs a higher volume of weekly refractive surgeries than any other surgeon in the DC Metro area.

More than 130,000 procedures and over 30 years of experience collectively

Dr. Neil Wills, M.D., boasts board certification from the American Board of Ophthalmology and has been a valued member of LasikPlus since 2000. Throughout his career, Dr. Wills has performed over 118,000 laser vision corrections, earning him recognition as a Top Doctor by Washingtonian Magazine.

Dr. Wills emphasizes the importance of a cohesive team and invests in the ongoing training of his support staff, recognizing their indispensable role alongside technological advancements. He considers himself fortunate to work alongside intelligent and compassionate colleagues who contribute to the delivery of exceptional Laser Vision Correction services.

Dr. Neil Wills
“Laser vision correction is a very gratifying field. You have a profound, positive impact on patients’ lives. I feel very fortunate to be in a position to do this work and I try not to take it for granted.” -Neil Wills, M.D.

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