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Are You a Good Candidate for PRK Surgery?

October 26, 2016 - TLC Laser Eye Centers

PRK is one of the most common laser eye surgery options next to LASIK, and the two procedures share many similarities. The right laser eye surgery for you depends on your unique needs, and for some people that means that PRK is ultimately the best fit. If you are unable to have LASIK surgery, you may be a candidate for PRK laser eye surgery. Ahead, we’ll discuss what goes into your PRK eye surgery candidacy, along with the factors that will help your laser eye surgery specialist determine which procedure is right for you.

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PRK Eye Surgery Candidacy: What You Need to Know


  • Corneal Thickness – The thickness of your cornea plays a major role in which laser eye surgery procedure is right for you, which is why it’s such a common theme on our PRK candidacy checklist. Basically, the flap created during LASIK surgery requires thicker corneas in order to be safe and effective. Since PRK doesn’t require the creation of a flap, it’s a popular option for people with thin corneas who are unable to have LASIK eye surgery.
  • Vision Prescription – PRK eye surgery is most often used to address myopia, which is more commonly known as nearsightedness. For people with severe myopia, PRK is often the preferred laser eye surgery option. PRK laser eye surgery is also an option for people with mild or moderate myopia, depending on the other factors mentioned above.
  • Employment – Since PRK laser eye surgery doesn’t require the creation of a flap, it is often the preferred option for people who work in industries where a corneal flap is contraindicated. The LASIK flap is not an issue for the vast majority of laser eye surgery patients, but it can be an issue in rare cases if eye trauma occurs. That’s why people in construction fields, manufacturing, or military careers are often better candidates for PRK.
  • Hobbies – The same basic idea holds true for your hobbies. If you participate in contact sports, martial arts, or other types of high-intensity competition, your eyes may be exposed to potential trauma during the normal course of your favorite activities. Your laser eye surgery specialist will help you determine whether your hobbies make you a good candidate for PRK.


PRK laser eye surgery is a proven procedure, and it relies on the same laser technology as LASIK. Only your laser eye surgery specialist can determine which procedure is ultimately right for your needs. If you’ve been searching for a solution to vision problems, now is the time to talk to your eye doctor about the benefits of PRK eye surgery.