Topography Guided LASIK – New Advancement in LASIK

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The technology behind LASIK eye surgery is constantly evolving, with the goal of providing the best possible results for people who choose LASIK. Contoura Vision, also known as topography-guided LASIK, is one of the latest advances in LASIK technology, and it’s a big one. With topography guided LASIK, your LASIK surgeon is able to get a more accurate picture of the structure of your eye, and better personalize your LASIK surgery to your unique vision correction needs.

Now is a great time to talk about what to expect from topography-guided LASIK, along with who can benefit from the latest advance in LASIK technology.

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What is Topography Guided LASIK?

Topography-guided LASIK is the latest advancement in LASIK technology providing a more accurate method for measuring your eye structure, and personalizing your LASIK procedure. With this exciting LASIK technological advancement, the surgeon can obtain more detailed information and measurements on the structure of the eye and cornea which provides a more individualized, customization for the LASIK procedure.

How is Topography-Guided LASIK Different?

You won’t actually notice a big difference in the LASIK process, because you’ll still go through the same steps as you would have for the traditional LASIK procedure. Since LASIK works by making microscopic changes to the shape of the cornea, however, the accuracy of topography-guided LASIK provides your surgeon with a better “map” of your eye structure.

Are There Topography-Guided LASIK Benefits?

While LASIK can be life-changing – enhancing your lifestyle and freedoms – many topography-guided LASIK patients report experiencing better vision quality than they ever did with glasses or contacts. Some additional benefits include:

Learn More About Topography-Guided LASIK

Just like other LASIK vision correction procedures, topography-guided LASIK can be used to address many of the most common vision problems, like nearsightedness and astigmatism. Only your LASIK specialist at TLC Eye Centers can help you decide on the right option for your needs, so arranging a free LASIK evaluation will also allow you to learn more about topography-guided LASIK from Contoura™ Vision.

In fact, if you have any questions about LASIK or laser eye surgery in general, your evaluation is the perfect time to ask. Topography-guided LASIK is an exciting new tool, and continues the forward progress of laser eye surgery technology.

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