Improved Vision Propels Professional Basketball Player, Cole Anthony, to New Heights

– TLC Laser Eye Centers

TLC Laser Eye Centers and LasikPlus proudly announce that professional basketball player, Cole Anthony recently underwent Custom LASIK eye surgery to enhance his vision and liberate himself from glasses and contacts. This remarkable collaboration between LasikPlus, TLC Laser Eye Centers, and Mr. Anthony aims to gift him with crystal-clear eyesight, enabling him to elevate his game and maintain his peak performance for years to come.

Under a paid endorsement campaign, LasikPlus and TLC Laser Eye Centers will join forces with Mr. Anthony to share his transformative LASIK experience, performed by the skilled surgeon Dr. Christopher McCurry. Throughout the campaign, Mr. Anthony will delve into how his newfound visual acuity is revolutionizing his life both on and off the basketball court, through captivating social media posts, testimonials, engaging videos, enriching audio content, and cutting-edge digital elements.

“We are excited Cole chose to have treatment with Dr. McCurry for his laser vision correction procedure. Cole has been in the upper echelon of basketball players globally, and we feel that his new vision after LASIK will allow him to continue his impressive career,” says Craig Joffe, Chief Executive Officer at LasikPlus and TLC Laser Eye Centers. “We are excited to watch him next year on and off the court.”

”They gave me the confidence to get this done. I felt really comfortable in their hands,” says Mr. Anthony. “I’ve had several people recommend to me LASIK and telling me ‘Oh man, it changed my life,’ and I wanted my life changed too.”

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