LASIK Eye Surgery Boasts an Impressive 96-98% Patient Satisfaction Rate

Dr. Robert Dinga

LASIK (laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis) has revolutionized vision correction, providing a minimally invasive alternative to glasses and contact lenses. As of 2018, over 9.5 million Americans have undergone LASIK surgery due to its convenience, good results, and high success rate.

In fact, one study reports that LASIK has an impressive patient success rate between 96-98%! Research indicates LASIK enables:

LASIK success rate

Driving Factors Behind LASIK’s High Success Rates

Several factors account for why LASIK is so successful, including:

Additionally, the vast majority of procedures are performed by specially trained ophthalmologists and optometrists with years of surgical experience. Their expertise contributes greatly to LASIK’s impressive outcomes.

Understanding LASIK’s Low Complication Rates

In addition to excellent success rates, LASIK eye surgery has been determined to have minimal risks or side effects. Current estimates place the complication rate at less than 1%

While the first days may involve mild irritation and light sensitivity, long-term issues like dry eye or halos are uncommon. When they do occur, symptoms often resolve within 3-6 months.

The most serious complications involve the corneal flap created during surgery. However, with precise laser tools and skilled surgeons, flap issues and related optical problems are very rare.

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Affordability May Be the Only Barrier for Some Patients

Given the outstanding safety and success of modern LASIK techniques, affordability remains one of the biggest barriers limiting access for patients. While prices vary, custom options with advanced technology may cost more than standard treatment.

For those concerned about cost, flexible spending accounts, health savings account, insurance and financing options can make LASIK more affordable. The proven results and life-changing conveniences make it well worth the investment for most people. Check out the ongoing expense of glasses and contacts.

Like any surgery, LASIK has risks and potential complications that are discussed during a surgical consultation prior to the procedure.


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