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Is LASIK Better Than Glasses or Contact Lenses?

April 6, 2023 - TLC Laser Eye Centers

Wearing glasses or contact lenses may help you to deal with vision problems, but these common vision correction devices also come with their own unique drawbacks. Both can be costly, require maintenance, and can leave you in an unpleasant position if you forget to bring them to a destination. If you’re tired of dealing with the daily hassles of contacts or glasses, there is another solution. LASIK eye surgery may allow you to rely significantly less on glasses or contacts, providing the freedom to enjoy your favorite activities on your terms – anytime, anywhere.

Tired of Glasses and Contacts? Consider the Lifestyle Freedoms of LASIK Eye Surgery

While laser eye surgery has long been a popular solution for people with common vision problems, not everyone with vision problems is familiar with the benefits of LASIK or laser eye surgery. Lifestyle freedoms are a common thread when you discuss LASIK with people who have had the procedure, and everyone enjoys those freedoms in their own way.

  • An Alternative to Glasses and Contacts – While nobody can promise that you’ll never need to wear glasses or contacts again after LASIK, many people who have laser eye surgery are able to rely significantly less on vision correction devices. In addition to the lifestyle perks, that also means less money spent on glasses, contacts, and maintenance supplies.
  • Freedom to Enjoy Your Favorite Activities – Whether you love playing sports, creating art, travel, or simply taking a stroll to enjoy the sights, addressing vision problems makes it easier to enjoy whatever you love most. Wouldn’t it be nice to head to the beach or a ball game, without worrying about whether you remembered your glasses or contacts?
  • The Simple Freedoms of LASIK Eye Surgery – It’s not just the big-ticket events that can be improved by better quality of vision. Even the little things, from checking the clock in the morning to following the instructions of a new recipe, can be made easier if you don’t always have to rely on glasses or contacts to see.
  • Addressing the Most Common Vision Problems – LASIK eye surgery may be a solution for many of the most common vision problems, including nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. Your eye doctor can tell you more about whether laser eye surgery is a fit for your vision problems.
  • Am I a Candidate for Laser Eye Surgery – LASIK is a medical procedure that should be discussed with your eye doctor, and every individual is unique. However, some of the basic guidelines for LASIK candidacy include being at least 18 years of age, in good overall health, and with a steady vision prescription for at least one year.

Interested in learning more about laser eye surgery, and discussing your options with an experienced, professional team? Start by scheduling your free LASIK consultation at your local TLC Laser Eye Centers location, by calling directly or filling out a quick form on our website. During your free consultation, you’ll have the opportunity to speak with a LASIK specialist, find answers to your  questions, and discover more about how laser eye surgery may be the right fit for your vision health needs.