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Courtney’s LASIK Experience

Get first-hand feedback on what it’s like to have LASIK eye surgery, the motivations for having laser eye surgery, and the perks of clearer vision from Courtney, who had laser eye surgery at TLC Laser Eye Centers. Courtney is excited to talk about her personal experience with LASIK vision correction, and her results.

On Discovering She Had Vision Problems, Learning The Severity, and Seeking Solutions

“I actually never realized how bad my vision was, until I went to the eye doctor, had my first pair of glasses, and realized I had freckles. That’s when I realized, okay I couldn’t escape it, I had to wear glasses or contacts. So, I started with contacts, and it was just a lot. It was expensive, I was constantly changing them, and of course I couldn’t sleep in them.”

Researching LASIK Eye Surgery, and Finding the Right Match

“I had thought about LASIK surgery for a long time. I checked out a lot of places. I wasn’t worried about price, but I knew that I wanted the best. I came across TLC, and I fell in love with the staff. Everybody just treated me like family. I’d leave here and have this big smile on my face, even though I was coming back from a doctor’s appointment. People were just so friendly, and so nice.”

The Day of Laser Eye Surgery, and Enjoying the Results of LASIK Vision Correction

“So the day of the surgery, I was really excited because I couldn’t believe I was going to be able to actually see the ‘E’ at the top of the eye chart. It’s something so simple, but it’s the ‘E’ on the vision chart, which everybody could see but I never could. So my expectations weren’t much, I just wanted to see the E! I got there and it was super quick. It felt like it only took about 10 minutes. Afterward, we were driving, someone asked what a sign said, and I could read the sign. And I’m thinking, ‘that was me, I read that!’”

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