What Is the Real Cost of LASIK Eye Surgery?

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As you research your laser eye surgery options, you may find that there’s a large variance in the cost of LASIK depending on where you look. Advertised prices can be as low as $250 per eye, while the top end of the LASIK price range can reach more than $4,000 per eye. So, what is the real cost of laser eye surgery? The answer depends on a number of key factors, like the surgeon you choose, the technology used for your procedure, what is included in your LASIK eye surgery quote, and the location where you’re having the procedure. Ahead, we’ll take a closer look at the real cost of LASIK, along with some tips to help cover the cost.

Key Factors in the Cost of Laser Eye Surgery:

Choosing a LASIK Surgeon

While there are many factors that determine your laser eye surgery cost, the surgeon and procedure that you choose ultimately have the biggest influence on price. A more experienced surgeon may charge more for a procedure, due to the level of experience and expertise they bring to the table. Whether more experience is worth the increased cost is up to the patient, and the most important thing is to do the research required to find a surgeon who you trust for your LASIK procedure.

Cost of LASIK

Laser Technology

Regardless of how long your surgeon has been practicing laser eye surgery, the type of LASIK procedure that you choose will have a major impact on your price. Traditional LASIK, which has been an effective treatment option since the 1990s, may cost less than newer variations of the procedure that rely on the latest laser technology. The cost of Custom Wavefront LASIK, for example, will be higher than the cost of traditional LASIK, due to the technology required for the procedure.

What’s Included?

When you meet with your LASIK surgeon, you’ll have the opportunity to learn more about which procedure is the best fit for your vision needs. You’ll also want to make sure that you learn exactly what your LASIK quote includes, so that you can accurately evaluate your options. Understanding what you’re paying for in detail will make it easier to compare your options.


The real cost of LASIK is also influenced by the factors that impact the cost of any service, including geography. If you live in an area with a high cost of living, then the cost of laser eye surgery in your area may be higher, as well.

Simple Tips for Covering the Cost of LASIK Eye Surgery

It’s rare for insurance to cover the full cost of LASIK eye surgery unless your profession requires exceptional vision, but there are plenty of resources available to help cover the cost of LASIK.


Financing options are available, and many LASIK patients choose to pay for their procedure over time at a manageable monthly rate. Speak with your laser eye surgery team to learn more about the financing options available.


Tax-friendly savings options, like a Health Savings Account, Flexible Spending Account, or Health Reimbursement Arrangement, can help you save for procedures like LASIK and save on taxes in the process. Your financial adviser can help you decide whether an HSA, FSA, or HRA fits your needs.

If you’re working to figure out how to cover the cost of laser eye surgery, remember that there’s help available. Your laser eye surgery team can help you identify your financing options, and find the solution that works best for your unique needs.

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