Why LASIK Patients Refer Others to TLC

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Have you experienced the difference that can come with having LASIK surgery at TLC Laser Eye Centers? According to a past study commissioned by TLC Laser Eye Centers, 99 percent of patients surveyed would refer others to TLC Laser Eye Centers after having their own procedure.

Many LASIK patients find that the procedure can offer increased quality of life, and improvements to their daily routine. The results of laser eye surgery and the lifestyle freedoms that come with it are a common point of emphasis for LASIK patients.

Learn More about the TLC LASIK Difference

According to the American Academy of Ophthalmology, a review of more than 300 peer-reviewed laser eye surgery studies, conducted in 2018, shows that LASIK patients have a 95 percent satisfaction rate with the outcome of their procedure. This is another indication of the strong success rate of LASIK surgery, and helps demonstrate the difference that can come with having your procedure at TLC Laser Eye Centers.

While 95 percent is a very strong success rate overall, it doesn’t reach the 99 percent patient satisfaction rate demonstrated in the TLC Laser Eye Centers study. What makes the experience at TLC Laser Eye Centers stand out for LASIK patients?

It starts with the quality of care, the helpful attitude of the staff, and of course the results that patients can enjoy after having laser eye surgery. If you’re tired of dealing with vision problems, glasses, or contact lenses, now is the time to learn more about LASIK at TLC Laser Eye Centers. We offer:

So, what are your next steps toward the gift of clearer vision, and the potential lifestyle benefits of LASIK surgery?

Start by scheduling your free consultation at your local TLC Laser Eye Centers location. Your free consultation is a great opportunity to learn more about LASIK, have your questions answered by a LASIK specialist, and find out how laser eye surgery may be an option for vision correction. Of course, your free consultation also provides an opportunity to experience first-hand why so many patients who have had LASIK surgery at TLC Laser Eye Centers are now recommending TLC to friends and family!

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