The Cost Savings and Convenience of LASIK Eye Surgery

Dr. Robert Dinga

Considering LASIK eye surgery? When you calculate the long-term cost savings, LASIK often pays for itself in under 5 years. Learn more about the financial and lifestyle benefits of LASIK.

The Ongoing Cost of Glasses and Contacts

If you wear contacts or glasses, you likely spend over $500 per year on supplies and replacements. That cost adds up over time. LASIK offers an alternative with a one-time upfront investment that saves money in the long run.

According to average costs for popular brands:

Convenience and Lifestyle Benefits

Beyond cost savings, LASIK also alleviates the hassle of glasses and contacts. An independent survey found that people spend over 60 hours per year managing, changing and cleaning eyewear. 

Glasses and contacts also impact lifestyle. Have you ever:

  • Played sports with glasses sliding down your nose?
  • Dealt with irritated eyes from sleeping in contacts while traveling? 
  • Run out of contacts before an important event?
  • Fumbled for your glasses to check on family members at night?
Irritated eyes

By correcting vision with LASIK, you can say goodbye to these annoyances.

The Bottom Line

While conveniences like text messaging and grocery delivery improve lifestyle, they rarely provide financial returns. LASIK is a rare investment that offers both cost savings and enhanced quality of life.

If you’re considering LASIK, calculate your own potential cost savings versus glasses and contacts. Also reflect on the lifestyle benefits of being glasses and contact-free. For many patients, LASIK is an investment that pays off with compound interest.

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