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Are Regular Eye Exams Important After LASIK?

Eye Exams after LASIK Surgery

Many LASIK eye surgery candidates question if they need to continue seeing an eye doctor after they have their procedure. After all, you could have 20/20 vision or better after surgery, which means there’s no point in getting regular eye exams, right? Wrong. Even after LASIK surgery it is important to get a comprehensive eye exam at least every one to two years. In these exams, eye doctors do more than just check your prescription and prescribe contacts or eyeglasses, so it is necessary to keep up with them even after your LASIK procedure.

Your doctor will also check your overall eye health and for a multitude of potential problems such as: early signs of eye disease, focusing issues, refractive errors associated with age, and eye teaming problems or making sure your eyes work together and are properly aligned.

Since most people take their vision and visual health for granted and usually don’t notice that something is wrong until there is a bigger problem, it is essential to keep up with routine eye exams after LASIK eye surgery. This way, your eye doctor can detect any eye problems early on so that they can be remedied as soon as possible. Some people will also experience dry eyes and discomfort from allergies, and an eye doctor can prescribe eye drops to relieve these symptoms so you can enjoy the benefits of your LASIK surgery to the fullest.

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LASIK Eye Surgery: A Lifetime Commitment

By choosing to have LASIK surgery, you’ve already decided to live life with better vision, and annual visits to your eye doctor will help you enjoy those benefits for years to come. At TLC Laser Eye Centers, the TLC Lifetime Commitment® helps patients maintain the best possible vision throughout their lives by offering LASIK enhancements to eligible candidates. One of the main conditions of this program is to complete an annual eye exam with your TLC-affiliated eye doctor, making it even more important to continue with regular eye exams after LASIK eye surgery.

It is always important to consult with your eye doctor for the best exam schedule after LASIK eye surgery based on your personal eye health. Attending these appointments is the best way to make sure you can benefit from a lifetime of better vision.