Meet TLC Laser Refractive Excellence Scholarship Award Winner Terynn Chan

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Chan T_Photo_Awards at Pacific U
Award ceremony at Pacific University for Terynn Chan.
In the order from left to right: Dr. Jennifer Coyle – Dean of Pacific University College of Optometry, Dr. Terynn Chan – Class 2019, Pacific University College of Optometry, Dr. Debi Patch – Clinical Director, TLC-Seattle, Dr. Jade Himmelsbach – Clinical Director, TLC-Portland

One of three recipients selected for the first ever TLC Laser Refractive Excellence Scholarship, Terynn Chan is a fourth-year optometry student at Pacific University.

From Vancouver, BC, Terynn Chan has a great proclivity for scientific knowledge, especially in the field of laser refractive technologies. With a passion for helping others and learning about the human body, Terynn hopes to leverage her education in optometry to create future programs that will provide eye care to underserved populations in Vancouver.

In Terynn’s scholarship video, she outlines how eyes function and explains why refractive procedures such as LASIK and PRK can be superior to corrective lenses. She reports that an estimated 150 million Americans wear a form of corrective lenses to compensate for refractive errors. However, Terynn points out that glasses can limit one’s field of vision and get in the way of day-to-day life, especially physical activities, while contact lenses can become a nuisance due to improper cleaning and overuse -leading to infections that could further threaten one’s vision.

After detailing how laser vision correction works, Terynn highlights that 800,000 LASIK and PRK surgeries are performed every year with great success.

Watch Terynn’s scholarship video here.

Learn about the other scholarship recipients, Joshua Falk and Diana Nguyen.

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